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Roj Brewer: A short biography

photo of RojOnce a polymer chemist, now the owner and manager of his own games company selling some of the best roleplaying games in production, this boy wonder has had more than 6 years retail experience in the roleplaying market. He knows what's hot and what's not and he's always more than happy to share his wealth of roleplaying and wargaming knowledge with anyone foolish enough to ask a simple question.

Lets be honest, Roj knows games.

He also knows where and when to get them so he can supply you with all your gaming needs. Just pick up the phone (0121 683 0075) or E-mail him at games@waylandsforge.co.uk and he'll sell you games mail order or call in at the shop at Paradise Circus, Birmingham, UK.

So with all this experience and an on-line presence to boot, why buy games from anyone else?

Text by Ken Bearman and Belinda White

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